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Exceptional Quality

The All-in-One Hopperís body, gate, handle, and two covers are made from steel wire and rust proofed with a durable powder coating. Four long-lasting polyurethane wheels contain stainless steel screws and sealed bearings for an exceptionally smooth ride. The handle has four weather-resistant soft rubber grips for extra comfort and control. Abrasion, wear, and impact resistant plastic parts are utilized to protect the powder coating and tennis court surface.

Exceptional Convenience

The All-in-One Hopper has the largest capacity per weight ratio on the market, weighing only 9.5 pounds but able to hold up to 230 tennis balls. Unlike conventional tennis hoppers, this ergonomically designed apparatus doesnít require uncomfortable bending or extensive muscular force during transportation, dispensing and retrieving, thus preventing soreness and injuries. It is so simple to use that even small children can easily operate it! This sturdy, durable and reliable device will help tennis enthusiasts enjoy playing, learning and teaching the game for many years to come.